13 Productive things to do when you are Bored.

Well , what most of us do nowadays, sitting at home? – get Bored, Obviously. Boredom basically needs to be fought off with creative ideas. Holidays are unworthy if you are wasting them watching TV (wait, tum to sala nagin dekhte ho) at home.

Then I thought, I should give you a list of some creative and productive things to do. This list will benefit you for sure.

Here’s the list of those 13 things to do.


Write a journal(not diary). Journal writing is basically recording your thoughts and insights. It is the reflection of your thoughts and helps you in emotional stability. Make sure you advice yourself and help yourself in setting your priorities. It is your emotional detox.

Read a Novel.

Reading is always good for your Mental health. We all know reading is such a boon to us people. If you are bored then try reading a novel. Reading also helps you in increasing vocabulary and improving language. It also helps you in improving your speaking skills.

Join a gym.

Going to a gym is very good for health, it helps you stay fit and is a very good way to spend time. Considering going to a gym is always better than sitting at home and getting bored.

Learn something on Udemy.

Udemy is online learning centre and it has various courses to learn from. You can learn about various topics on udemy from photography to digital marketing. The certificate is a Bonus.

Start a blog.

There are a lot many websites like Word press and blogger which provide web hosting. Starting a blog to pass your free time is a good idea you can share your ideas as well as earn a little bit of passive income.

Try freelancing.

Freelancing basically refers to providing online services. You could be a web developer or a content writer. Some websites to check-in for freelancing are Freelancer and Upwork.

Learn a new language.

I know you are thinking it is not easy as it looks but it actually is. There is a app named Duolingo which makes learning a language fun as fuck. You would actually love this app and learning a language will be easy too.

Watch DIY/ How to? videos on Youtube.

Do It Yourself videos are in a great trend nowadays and this videos are a great help too. This ones are a great way to learn some useful things you can do on your own.


Yes watching Netflix could also be productive just start watching historical web series and documentaries instead of watching ‘How I met your mother’.


Most of us spend our time on Instagram and Facebook. Instead of watching celebrity feeds and scrolling through your friends feeds rather go for Pinterest. It is a lot more Informative and much more fun.

Visit my pinterest board.


Meditation is the best way to pass your time. It helps in gaining mental strength and lightens your mood. Yoga could also be another option instead of meditation.

Ted talks.

Ted Talks are basically motivational speeches by sucessfull people. If you are getting bored listening to this motivational speeches could be a great help in lightening up your mood.

Start a Instagram/Facebook page.

Start a Facebook or Instagram page for your pet or if you have a hobby like writing poems. Starting such a page is a great way to showcase the talent of yours.


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