Supermodels wait ain’t that what Gigi hadid is. Hell yeah she is a force. She is my most favorite Supermodel. Now here is everything that you got to know about Gigi Hadid.

Name : Jelena Noura Hadid ( I bet you didn’t knew that)

Birth Date : April 23 1995Hieght:

1.79 m (5 feet 10.5inches )

1.She has blue green eyes and they are lovely.

2.She loves bright colors and hasn’t got any specific least favorite color.

3.Her style icon is Rihanna and osle twins-(sometimes)

4.She is a great fan of sunglasses and Never gets tired of wearing them.Gigi Never leaves her home without her glasses.

5.She is a great fan of horses. Her favorite childhood memory is being with her horses all the time.

6.She is a great fan of Zayn’s tattoos

7. Her favorite date was a boat date on Valentine’s with zayn.

8. Her favorite pie is chicken and Sweet corn

9.She is a good Artist

10. Her girl crush is Rihanna

11. Her favorite emoji is 💘

12. She is of dual heritage Muslim and Christan.

13. She has two steps sisters allana and marielle other than Bella and Anwar.

14. Her favorite sports are boxing and volleyball.

15. Her favorite Netflix show is abstract.

16. She likes to read horoscopes but she actually doesn’t believe in them.

17. She likes cooking and won MasterChef where she made a cheeseburger.

18. Her favorite dessert is vanilla scouffle.

19. Her favorite drink is spicy margarita.

20. She has 5 Kobe jerseys.

21.Her mother tongue is Dutch.

22. Gigi’s favorite place visited is Tahiti.

23. Gigi has done all the big vogues French Italian British and American.

24. Her favorite lipstick is Maybelline Matt.

25. Her father Mohammed Hadid is a Palestinian refugee.

26.Well she is into Modelling since her 2 nd year on planet.

27. She has done 7 music videos.

28. She was pursuing a degree in criminology.

29. Her sunsign is Taraus.

30 The jenners and hadid are family. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are kind of ex step sisters.


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