BREAKUP #1 Secret to move on from a hurting breakup.

Breakups are beautiful and if you didn’t enjoy your breakup you wasted the best feeling of your life crying.

This is not a love quote or lyrics from another breakup song or those nowadays breakup rap songs. Breakups indeed are the most amazing plethora of emotions just the right amount of oil needed to blaze the fire of your life. So if she left you and you are sitting there sipping your beer thinking about you Damsel who left you in distress.

Why does a BREAKUP hurt?

You are over overdependent on your partner

Bro love is a BITCH. It is a very addictive process and that is why it hurts the most. When you (mostly teens) are in a relationship there are all those call marathons, texting marathons which you get addicted to. A sudden stop to this is a huge deal for your body. It brings a lot of emotions at once Anger, pain, grief all at once. You feel not just mentally but also physically exhausted. It’s like somebody soaked you out of all your happiness.

Keep this in mind love is about being interdependent and not totally over depending on your partner.

This is the reason but the real reason why you cant move on is not this .

#1 Secret to move on from a breakup.

The main reason why your breakup hurts is you – yes you – you because you are incapable of self love.

That is the main reason why a breakup really hurts. A persons inability to love himself. This deficiency of self love leads you to this process of hurting yourself after the breakup.


Selflove means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It refers to taking care of your own needs. Not sacrificing your well-being to please others it’s not settling for less than you deserve.

Understand this and no matter who leaves you life will always be a merry place to you. Self-love is about prioritizing you and your well being above others. To recognize your needs and give them importance. Once you understand this no breakup will ever overpower you.

If you are not clever enough to love yourself no matter who you are in a relationship with it wouldn’t work. A person like that is over-dependent on his partner which will eventually lead to the other person getting tired of you.

The person who loves himself can always be a better half. He can handle himself well enough to not let his partner get bored with him. The partner will feel a surge to be with a person who is independent. Who doesn’t like confident people?

How do you love yourself ?


The process of recognizing your needs is very important. It helps you to move on with your daily chores. Adjusting your time and needs as such that you are happy with what you are doing. So you can priortize your needs above the needs of others.

Try to bring in new stuff in your life. Learn to be fashionable buy new clothes or video games or anything that makes you feel good


Friends and family are the ones who always appreciate you for what you are. They always motivate you to be better than what you are now. They always provide us a sense of belonging and love.


Self-love is a mindset. It’s about getting up in the morning and telling yourself that you have to give your fullest to every challenge you face. Preparing to do better each and every day and being productive. Try earning money from home.


Our goals define us so always be focused on your goals. Remind yourself that your career is more important than everything else. When you focus more on your goals other things take a secondary space in your mind. If you are working hard for your goals you will spend the majority of time working and less time remembering your Ex.

If you are a student try something new like earning passive income from home. Lots of people are earning a lot through passive income.


YES, Indeed loving yourself needs a lot of courage. It is not easy for a person who was to overdependent on others to try and live all alone. So if you amass yourself to start loving yourself. if you gain the courage you get the answer to this question How to overcome Breakup?

Heres a infographic on how to move on after a breakup.


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