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    What is the best part of our college life? Girls-Nah, Classes-Nah. It’s obviously our shoe collection and walking to college in a different pair every day. This gets the final touch when the shoe is a NIKE. Nike has always been my favorite brand because they are best at everything quality, design, durability. Be it Jeans, cargo, or a chino, Nike has always got the perfect match for us. Well, any praise is less for this brand. You should always know what you wear, So let’s introduce you to Nike and make sure you never lose “The Shoe Boast battle” with your friend. Nike.Inc Nike was founded by Phil Knight…

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    Wardrobe- The Introduction to Men’s Wardrobe.

    The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. Where is the fun in college life without savoring every other day with different clothes and looking handsome at the peak of your manhood? College is the most important part of our lives and we at STUCKAT18 make sure that you get the best of everything throughout your college life. HENCE it is important to have a great wardrobe. The One – the important factor – FASHION. Wearing the proper clothes is one important factor in making a great impression. According to a study ( there’s no such study it is just my intuition), people with better…