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Well GAME OF THRONES has been one of our favorites since it started. THANKS to GEORGE R.R MARTIN for such a wonderful story . Game of thrones is so unpredictable well its the only thing next to unpredictability which was utterly unknown to us indians . The first season starting with the kill that Ned stark makes with his sons around oh all that looked so great.

GOT gave us scenes which we would never imagine. We all kind off knew jon was the lead but who could ever think that the little wretched piece of s**t joffrey would ever separate ned starks head from his body aagghh so Awful. Sansa was “”not so good” at first and then evolving her character to “why so good”.The cunning LITTLE FINGER well his death was my favorite part though.

There that curiosity of what will happen next is soo overwhelming . though we travelled through seven seasons of GAME OF THRONES never once it felt tiresome . THERE that enthusiasm is continued and we are here waiting for the last season of GOT. Though we got to know who jons parents There are many questions left unanswered . Well GOT fans have got their own theories for the answers of this question. LEts have a look at the best FAN THEORIES which everyone should know before watching season 8.



Mmmm , Ya sounds crazy right but yes you people are reading it right. Ned Stark is alive . As per the theory goes the faceless men and arya met for the first time when jaqen hqar was being transported out of the red keep. The theory says that Lord Varys paid to the faceless men so that the faceless man went into the prison and instead of ned his impostor was killed. Well lets hope this theory comes true Cause who doesnt want to see daddy stark back’. Well Resurrections are a part of game of thrones Jon Snow came back fro the dead. The banner of brotherhood had ressurections.
people die all the time on this show and come back. Jon Snow, The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, The Mountain, and, in the books, Catelyn Stark—they all are resurrected in some form or another .


WHAT if jon is not the only Targeryn. This is one of the most famous fan theories. Maybe tyrion is not a lannister but a targareyn. We have always seen the hatred that his father had for him . Also the last words of tywin lannister before tyrion shoots him with arrow were “you’re no son of mine” give us a lot of hint .Our late king Aerys tarageryn had an affair with joanna, tywin lannisters’s wife as per the books. Maybe that was the reason why tywin constantly alluded tyrions identity as a lannister.

This theory is well backed as :
This comes from the popular A + J = T theory, which means Aerys plus Joanna equals Tyrion.  Maybe Maybe not but tyrion is not a lannister

We’ll have to see that.


This theory seems the most probable one. We all know how good jaime lannister has been lately. Well good is never to be found in Cersei’s dictionary. Ya the love making brother and sister duo could actually falloff .

Cersei will be killed by her “Valonqar,” or little brother as was prophesised by the witch . As the prophecy goes everyone thought the little brother to be tyrion but it actually is jaime s he was born a few minutes later cersei.
 Even though Jaime has said time and time again that Cersei is the most important thing in his life, he may be more sympathetic to Tyrion’s pleas after discovering his little brother didn’t murder Joffrey at the Purple Wedding.

This answer is needed jaime or tyrion?


Ya you got it right you wont believe but we all know Game Of Thrones has got a habit of doing things we wont even imagine will happen. As this theory suggests tyrion is siding with his sister Cesei Lannister planning to overthrow dany.
Remember when Tyrion was convincing Cersei to work with Dany and noticed that she was pregnant, then the next scene cut to them back in the Dragonpit? During that gap, Tyrion might have made a deal with Cersei to ensure that her unborn child would be the king/queen to succeed Daenerys, who Tyrion believes is unable to have children. That is one possible event now.

If this story comes true Got fans are surely going to get a blow . Blows thats what Got is famous for Aint i right?



YES There is competition for THE PRINCE /PRINCESS who was promised.

According to prophecy, “When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.” 

This theory took a twist in Season Seven, when it’s pointed out that the translation of the prophecy could also mean the Princess That Was Promised, meaning it could be either Jon or Daenerys. She came live out of the fire which means she reborn amidst smoke and that was the same tie the dragons took birth. So its possible jon is not the prince who was promised .

What do you say…?


This are the probably best 5 fan theories the way which things are going to take place in westeroes .


That, the White Walkers are probably going to win

keep tuned to get updates:)

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