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Today entering the modeling industry has become quite a lot easier than it was before. Some good simple snapshots can do the magic for you. All the best Modelling Agencies around the planet have made their recruitment process as simple as they can. Just send all the necessary snapshots clicked on your phone and if the agency likes them you would be given a call.

But there is always a what if Question popping up What if the agency does not like those snapshots. Don’t disappoint yourself because you have the greater option waiting for you Your Modelling Portfolio.

So here’s the answer to your question What is a Portfolio in Modelling And what importance does it hold For an Aspiring Model.

The most probable answer you could have is your portfolio is your resume. It gives your first impression as a model. Like when you go to an interview you have your resume with you the same when You go to a Modelling Agency you need to carry your portfolio book with you. The Portfolio book consists of Composite Cards also known as “comp cards” which have your best pictures on them. I hope you got what actually is a portfolio.

How to make a great modeling portfolio which will help you in bagging a modeling agency:

Making a great portfolio is a tough job. You have to get everything in the right place before your shoot. Like which Photographer to contact or call a Modelling agent who will help you in selecting a photographer. Things to take care of before and after the shoot. There are many such questions and when you search on the net there is a big puzzle all over. So I thought of Making this step by step on guide to make a great modeling portfolio :

  1. Why select a good photographer?
  2. Things to take care of before your portfolio shoot.
  3. The day before the shoot “THE MUST DO LIST'”
  4. What kind of photos should your Portfolio Consist?
  5. What is the best way to have your portfolio made?
  6. How much does making a great Modelling Portfolio cost?


The most important part while making your portfolio is your photographer. He is the one who has to play a major part in building your portfolio.

So make sure you catch up with your photographer before your shoot so the communication between you two is good during the shoot. If you get on well with your photographer then and then only you can take some great sots that would make your Comp card Look good. You have to be collaborative with your photographer so that together you two bring out something creative.

Nowadays photographers also help you bag work so rather than going for a cheaper one get your portfolio done by a renowned photographer who will help you in joining a modeling agency.

These are some of the best portfolio photographers in India.

Note: I read a lot many blogs which said get a good makeup artist, You need not worry about your makeup as nowadays your makeup is done by a specialized makeup artist who is provided by the Photographer who you are doing your portfolio with.


  1. Selecting your niche. This means you should be clear with the type of modelling you want to go on with hence its necessary to select your niche so that you can go on with same while getting your portfolio done.
  2. Maintaining your skin and glow. It is important that you should be looking Adorable on the day of your shoot. Dark Eye circles wouldn’t look good in your portfolio right.
  3. Practise out your favourite poses in front of the mirror. so you would feel comfortable in front of the camera on the D day.
  4. Choose your outfits carefully. Go with the clothes that you feel comfortable in always remember that you are going to shoot portfolio not an editorial for some fashion magazine.


  • Be Mentally Prepared for your shoot.
  • Put all your stuff in place before sleeping so you don’t have to rush in the morning.
  • Get the best sleep like sleeping beauty so you wake up prettier the next morning on the day of the shoot.
  • Be Tanned and Waxed properly
  • Stay out of the sun. your face should be well moisturized when you arrive at the studio so the makeup team can do their magic.


You need to make a very good Impression on the modeling agency you want to join in so always consider spending a little money and get a good portfolio book made out of it. A good portfolio book consists of :

A Clean Headshot

SNAP!! Headshot means a clean face shot this shot should generally show the models face without makeup or touch up. This shot is to look at the natural look of the Model. This photo should be above your shoulder showing your facial expressions and your raw beauty.

The Bodyshot

The body shot refers to your full body shot, do this shot with tight-fitting jeans and a t-shirt. This one should show your entire body. Don’t overdress try not to cover up your body.

The Editorial shot

This one Is the Vibrant shot where you can show your skillset, Try to make use of this one as this one is your best shot to impress your selectors.

A Swimsuit or Trunk shot

This shot gives you the chance to show your body like, if you are trying for fitness or swimsuit Modelling this snap gives you the chance to show your skills in the area.

A Smiling shot

Well, a smiling shot can always give the final blend to your portfolio. Well having good teeth will help you a lot. But no need to worry if you don’t have nice ones, gap-toothed people are most sought after nowadays.

what should the portfolio be like

  • The standard photo size is 8 * 10 inches? You can also keep 9* 12 inches.
  • Make a Portfolio Book which includes at least 10 of your best photos.
  • Try that your Comp Card has the above-mentioned Photos.
  • Make sure you include your Vital stats On the Comp Card like your height, chest, and other measures.

How much will the portfolio cost you?

Modeling portfolio will cost you somewhere around forty thousand to eighty thousand if you get it done from a top photographer in India. Though the ranges vary I think 50000 is sufficient for making a good Portfolio from a good photographer.

Let’s look at what some of the best Photographers Charge for portfolio

Photo India

Charge somewhere around 40000 for your portfolio which includes:

  • 6 changes / 2 days
  • 20 touched up high-resolution pictures
  • Advanced Makeup & styling
  • Professional Models/Actors/Matrimonial

Rajrani Photography

Rajrani is a well-known photographer from Mumbai he charges 36000 for basic portfolio shoot which includes:

  • Photography – A.Rrajani
  • Professional Makeup & hairstylist
  • 5 looks/Costumes (included)
  • 4 looks indoor in-studio & 1 looks outdoor which would be anywhere close to the studio
  • 30 best-selected images
  • 30 professional prints in size 5×7 with 1 Photobook
  • 4 professionally designed comp cards

Praveen Bhatt photography

Who doesn’t know Praveen Bhat he is a Celebrity fashion photographer. to Make your portfolio with Praveen Bhat you have to pay 35000. This shoot will include:

  • Makeup
  • Styling included
  • 4 Dress Changes
  • PromotionWebsite

The Bombay Studio

This is owned by renowned photographer Sandesh Jaykar who is a great fashion Photographer. He Charges 39000 for this basic Portfolio shoot which includes:

  • makeup and hairstylist
  • Wardrobe
  • 30 Best Photos
  • Advanced digital retouch
  • 4 comp cards
  • 4 indoor and 1 outdoor shoot
  • 6 hours shoot
  • Advertisement

Well basically speaking making a Modelling portfolio in India Would Apparently cost you around Somewhere between 30000 to 50000. Try to go to a famous photographer so he could help you with your Advertisement and also experienced Photographers can help you with posing and giving out the best shots.

Final Advice

Most of the people try to get their portfolio done in cheap cost which I think is not a very good idea.

Always keep your portfolio updated. The photos should not be more than one year older.

Include your stats on your comp cards .

Always keep copies of your portfolio so in case you loose originals you have a backup.

Modelling in India the reality


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