We have seen those obnoxious and pretty looking youngster’s walking the ramp. Wearing the coolest clothes walking for the best fashion brands and fashion designers. How much we envy those making bucks out of posing in front of the camera. Well who here would not consider a career in Modelling. When it comes to India a career in Modelling in India would be one of the greatest opportunity.

Modelling has had it’s effect on the Indian youth thousands of the youngster’s out there want to make a living out of Modelling. But being a model is not everybody’s piece of cake. You have to face tough challenges if you want to become a model in future. Hot Supermodels like Gigi hadid and Kendall Jenner got their career a great start cause they had their families supporting them.

While making a career in Modelling is a tough job. But it is not all impossible. Your passion is what counts the most. The things that matter the most are you being very consistent and trying hard enough to get the chance and grab it whenever you get the. Opportunity.

So for all the people out there who want to be models you should first know what is the best way to make a go for this job. Here I have told everything any of you needs to know if you want to become a model.

Being a model is dream of thousands of youngsters out there. Stiff competition . Since three years now I have been searching and discovering the to do things list in modelling. Trying to find out the answer to my question . How to become a model in India ?

So lets start out then, things you will get know below:

  1. What is Modelling?
  2. What are the types of Modelling?
  3. How to start a Modelling career in India
  4. How much do Models earn?


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word modelling. Fashion Glamour, Elegance , Tall and Fair and things like this but when it comes to reality modelling has much more to it. The normal perception about Modelling in our country is that it is the prefixory step to get a career into bollywood but Modelling is a independant industry of its own. It has its different virtue. Haven’t you seen those dusky superhot supertall skinny ladies walking the ramp.

When we think of models we think about modelslike Gigi hadid, Kendall jenner , Kylie jenner, NaomiCampbell Tyra banks and Cindy Crawford. This arethe biggest names into modelling. They earn million dollars a year and all that glamour and spotlight is onus. But out there in modelling industry there are many more much less known models who earn a lot more. Modelling is a very broad business and it has it’s own subparts. It’s not just rampwalks and photoshoots. Modelling has evolved now gone are the days when only good looking folk could model. Now people with striking features and chisselled jawlines have more demand. Who thought that gape toothed people will be so sought off in Modelling. Time is changing and so is the Modelling field and it welcomes anyone who wants to come in and give it a go.

While choosing modelling as career first you need to know what type of modelling suites you the most. There are various kinds of Modelling.

Various Types of Modelling and which one suites you the best:


This are the models who show up upon the editorials like vogue, harpers bazzar and elle. They generally work for high street fashion brands like gucci, armani and prada. Editorial Models are generally the one’s with most striking features.

There are no specific requirements for being a Editorial model. Though being excessively photogenic could help you a great deal.


This is the most known type of Modelling. Though everyone cannot opt for runway Modelling. For being a runway model there are specific requirements: Hieght should be 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches if you are a male and 5 feet 9 inches to 5 11 of you are a female.


Fitness model

This type of modelling is for people who have a great physique. You need to have a great toned lean and fit body to land a job into fitness modelling.


For this category of modelling male needs to have a very fit and toned body.
The best way to get noticed is to submit your photos to different agencies. And because this type of modeling is for men with a very specific body type and physique, your competition will be tough.


They are the ones who are selected for promotion of specific brands and items. This category of modelling doesn’t have specific body size requirements. A warm smile is must though.


Teenage models are the models required in the age group of 10 to 14. I think this is the best age to get your child into modelling.


This category of modelling is for those people who are 5’2 to 5’6. If you are not tall then dont worry this entire category is all for you.


Items that require specific body parts like hands, eyes, feet, abs, etc. Though hand modelling is most famous. Anyone can go for this category of modelling.


To be a model you will have to start with basic things first. Like the way you walk or talk. You have to be much confident when it comes to this job. I will say Modelling is for those with passion. So the basic steps to get into modelling are

1. Start learning how to pose. I suggest you join a modelling agency it will be a great help. They will help you from frauds and teaching beforehand is important.

2. Search a good photographer and get your portfolio done. Portfolio is like your CV in modelling industry. Make sure you make a good portfolio your career depends upon it.

Here is The Ultimate Guide on how to make a Great Modelling portfolio

3. Apply for modelling agenc. Yes join a modelling agency. They will land you into jobs.

What are the best Modelling agencies in India

These are the basic steps to start a career in modelling. I will further write in detail about how to become a model in India. Stay tuned.


Well everyone wants a career which gets you a lot of earning. When it comes to earning in modelling it differs depending on your job.

Ramp models earn around 25000 to 50000 per show depends upon the designer who you are walking for. When it comes to shoot you may get 5000 to 10000 per photo


Modelling is a career for passionate people. The first accessory a model wears is his confident. So always be confident. Try to maintain a encouraging smile on your face. Be creative during your shoots. AND most important always be profesional polite and courteous

Stay away From cheats And frauds



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