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Well the quarantine period seems to endlessly going on and on. Let’s hope we give a good fight to COVID19 and please be safe.

Let’s hope that this does not make us less productive there are lot many thing you can learn in this period. Netflix though seems to be best option for lots of us now. Everybody know about all those webseries like Money heist and the Vampire diaries. But here are some underated webseries which are a must must watch.

5. Versailles

If you love history and obviously the European history. Then this is a must watch. Set in the reign of King Louis the 14 famously known as the sun king. This story tells about his struggles how he was a great patron of art and music. His brother Phillipe Duc d Orleans is a better watch than him though.

4. Elite.

This is a French people based webseries and as the name suggest it deals with the lives of French elites. Three downtown kids are admitted to the elite school and how they deal with it and then there is a murder mystery. But take it from me Ester exposito stars in this and you need no other reason to watch this webseries.

3. The Originals

Everybody on the planet knows Vampire diaries. This is a prolonged story from it which is an obvious watch. This is the story about the first line of vampires the ORIGINAL siblings. Klaus, Elijah, Kol , Rebekah and Finn. It revolves around the family solidarity and how they never give up on each other. What they call it Aah ‘ Always and Forever’.

2. The Last kingdom.

This is again a historical one based on the time when the Danes were the ones who played the bigboosses around the European continent. It is the story about the son of a English lord who is brought up in a danish family ” Uhtred Ragnarson”. This story tells how Uthred fights his way up to the ultimate goal of his life the head of his uncle and the throne of bebanbaurgh his birthplace.

1. Gossip Girl.

Don’t go on the name its not at all a total girls watch. Based in New York and Brooklyn it revolves around the elite kids of america. All the limos and mustangs and summer homes and penthouses will make you go crazy. This is a necessary watch.

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