types of girls to avoid.


The Analogy of love.

Well, let’s first understand this basic about every love story that happens around us. It is basically built on three things – love, trust, and respect. It is the courting phase where you should be able to tell the tale of the girl and judge what kind of relationship you would have if she is your partner. For that, you should know the type of girls you should avoid.

The analogy of love is quite easy we meet someone and then we grow an infatuation with that person. You respect that person deeply. Respect grows into trust and boom! , you are in love.

When someone breaks your heart trust is the first to disappear but there is still hope and we don’t let that person go. The second mistake happens, respect goes, but we still don’t let that person go. Love never completely disappears but in cases like cheating it goes off and we don’t even want to see that bitch’s/bastards face.



Well that’s basically the core of ever relationship.

Remember the EX you wanted to marry , Lets all laugh together.

This shit is real. Love is the best and the worst thing that hits you. Sometimes love is the sole reason you are so successful and sometimes love is the only reason you are so fucked up. Still, the most uninteresting part of love is that bitch ” the Ex-Girlfriend ” who suddenly out of the blues fell in love with some other guy, we all know has a car.

The same thing happened with me just yesterday, but the best part out of this is No Pain. No, you can never be in pain when this hits you because you know you were just saved. How can a cheater hurt you, no ways.

But here is what I learnt from past relations.

5 types of girls to Avoid.

1. Sympathy is toxic

If your relationship starts with you guys getting closure due to sympathy that you give her about how big a bastard her Ex-boyfriend was. Then be a friend and support but never fall in love with this girl because even if you guys get into a relationship it would just be a rebound. 6 months later you would be in need of sympathy.

When it comes to types of girls you should stay away from this is the first must.

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2. Stay away from the “Every time victim”.

All her past relationships didn’t work out and if every time she was the victim then be assured she is not the one to love. She is lying and trying to gain your sympathy. As simple to understand clap never happens with one hand.

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3. Beware if she had too many Boyfriends.

Well, people, won’t agree and think that I am being judgy here. This is the fact though if she had too many boyfriends in the past then something is wrong with her. This is a clear indication she is not good at relationships and she isn’t worth the risk.

4. No girl is worth the pain.

Bois, It’s the feminism world nowadays. So basically whatever we guys do goes to the wrong side. So always make sure you go in a relationship with someone whom you trust more than yourself and if there is a single inch of doubt then please take some time before getting in a relation.

This is very important cause a relationship is a very big deal it can make you or break you. There are 4.5 billion other gender people in the world and the count doubles if are ok with the same gender too, so think over it and never settle for the second best.

If you are dealing with a breakup here is the only thing you need to Move on and go ahead in your life.

5. Never take back someone who dumped you.

This is one of the best suggestions my friend gave me and each one of us needs to follow this. If she dumped you once she won’t hesitate to do it a second time. Maybe she is not even in love with you and is just back because she is lonely. Why would she hesitate to dump you twice?

Take it from me this is all very much real and try and stay away from this kind of girls. Because no one is worth the pain.

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