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freshers guide to college

A Freshers Guide to College

Socializing in College

One most important factor in our college lives is Friends. Our acquaintance has a very important share in our road to freedom and success.

Benefits of socializing:

  • Forms deep and lasting Interactions

College friendships generally tend to last long. Choosing your college friend properly is very important after all, your tribe is your vibe.

  • Develop good study habits

Peer interactions have become an important part of a college education. A lot of your continuous assessments and case studies will be based on peer interaction. Also, group studies tend to give better results.

  • Maximizes Interests

having more peers helps in maximizing interests. There might be a lot of things you don’t have knowledge about. This is where having friends and sharing ideas help. When I joined college my friend Amit first introduced me to the stock market and I led him to the world of digital marketing. Only I know how helpful his introducing me to the share market has been beneficial.

  • Developing social skills that help in the future

Socializing in college is the place where your journey of being good at relationship management begins. It helps a great deal in the future when you apply for your jobs.

Some tips on how to socialize

  • Make the first move.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Help someone if he/she is in need.
  • Have a smiley warm face. People will feel comfortable talking to you.

Be an active listener.

Join College clubs

College clubs and societies are way different from the ones you joined in school, Why? – Because College clubs deal with the real world. A great part of how everything outside in the corporate world operates can be understood through these college club managed events. They give you a sneak peek of the outside world.

  • Helps you in Personal Development

Joining College clubs are a great boost in personal development. When you join a college club you have to go through various chores like event management, Ticket selling of the events, persuading people to come to these events, etc. These things help you in developing skills like communication, marketing, event management, and teamwork.

  • Creates Networking opportunities

Networking is a very important aspect in the professional parts of our lives. Networking helps you in gaining an edge professionally. If you network better you have a better chance of getting a job done. The college clubs are the best place to start your networking journey.

  • Enhances your resume

Employers love to see what kind of different activities you were involved            in outside the class room. Joining a college club can help you bolster up you resume and give one reason more to your employer to choose you bovver the guy next to you.


Joining college clubs levels up your initiative game. It gives a great boost to your confidence and interpersonal communication skills. This boost of skills helps you in taking initiatives. You will see a great boost in your class participation time. Most of my friends who have the highest-class participation are members of various clubs across my college.


Most of us start our Under graduation at a far way place from home. Well, I started mine 1700 kms away from home. Lot many of us stay in hostels at our university. I have been in hostels since I started the first year of schooling. 16 years of hostel life has thought me a lot.

Hostel life is a great teacher. As a hosteller you are away from the care of your parents. Hostel teaches you the most important lesson of your life that is SELF RELIANCE. It teaches you to be self-independent


  • Hostel teach us cooperation. It helps us in learning team spirit.
  • Helps us make some good friends outside our classrooms.
  • Teaches us to be self-sufficient.
  • Healthy competition
  • Saves time and travel money.

Hostel gives the leverage of the various facilities available in the university. You can use various facilities such as the library and the hostel gym. If you leave outside most probably you will miss out on these free amenities. Surely you will have to pay more for his facilities if you stay outside.

Travel money is one of the biggest pocket money suckers. Leaving at hostel can help you curb this expense as your classroom would be at a walking distance from hostel.

Hostel life is a life full of experiences and if you have never been to hostel before, you should try the hostel life for at least your first year at college. I assure you that this will be one of the biggest life changing experience for you. You will learn a lot of new things that will help you a lot in the future.

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